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Aqua-Life Biostream

Biostream pumps from Aqua-Life in America is designed specifically for gentle transport of live fish and have completely stepless adjustment of speed. The pumps are electrically driven, manufactured in marine grade aluminum and stainless steel.

The unique design of the pump casing and impeller, making the fish is very gently treated during transport through the pump housing. pumps have high capacity because the pump casing interior dimension is the same as the incoming and outgoing barb. pumps supplied dry-installed on trolley / trolley is complete with self-priming pump that fills the fish pump with water before starting and control box with inverter for stepless adjustment of speed.

The pumps are available if desired with wireless remote control. Range in line of sight is 300 m Biostream pumps are available in several sizes, 2.5 “, 4” and 6 “. Typical applications include internal transport in hatcheries, smolt deliveries to car or well boat. pumps are suitable for most types of fish, shellfish and shells.

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