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Lowara DOC

The Lowara DOC series pumps are able to clear both dirty and clean water. They are compact and made from corrosion-resistant materials. The range includes a DOC 7VX pump model with a Vortex impeller, together with a DOC GT which has a switch system using a fixed vertical float. These pumps are available in three versions with a built-in capacitor and can be supplied with or without a float switch. The motor is cooled by the pumped liquid. There is a thermal overload protection that will stop the pump from overheating.

The pumps have the following applications:

  • • Emptying domestic sump pits and rainwater tanks
  • • Watering of lawns and gardens
  • • Reservoir and tank emptying
  • • Emergency drainage for rooms and other flooded areas

There are shallow suction devices available on request that are compatible with DOC3 and DOC7 models. This will ensure the compete drainage of floors suffering from flooding at as little as 3 mm in depth. Specifications

  • • Water delivery capacity of up to 14 cubic metres per hour.
  • • A head of up to 11 metres.
  • • The power supply can be both single phase and three phase for 50 / 60 Hz.
  • • The pump power ranges between 0.25 and 0.55 kW.
  • • The maximum immersion depth for the pump is 5 metres.
  • • The allowable temperature range for the pumped liquid is 0 to +40 degrees Celsius.
  • • The DOC3 and DOC7 models can tackle suspended solids up to a diameter of 10 mm. The DOC 7VX can handle suspended solids of up to 20 mm.
  • • Cable length of 5 metres for interior use and 10 metres for exterior use.
  • • The suction screen, pump body, handle, impeller and upper support are made from Noryl. The motor casing, outer sleeve, screws, lower cover, tie rods and shaft extension are made from stainless steel.

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