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Microbubble Oxygen and Air Diffusers

These aquaculture-duty microbubble diffusers are among the most efficient diffusers available, allowing you to increase yield while controlling the cost of expensive gases. Made from premium materials and subject to rigorous testing, Micro Bubble Diffusers provide the kind of performance and reliability our reputation is built on.

Point Four microbubble  diffusers use a specially developed, ultra fine pore ceramic plate that produces a cloud of extremely fine bubbles of approximately 100–500 microns; far superior to airstones, porous hose or membrane type designs. The flat plate design ensures uniform bubbles across the entire surface and minimises bubble coalescence to achieve an absorption rate in excess of 80%, depending on depth and flow rate. Bubbling Pressure is 25 to 35 psi. (1.7 to 2.4 bar).

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