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Paddlewheel Aerators

Get more oxygen for less money. Fight back against the growing power bills with the new technology in paddle aeration.

  • Higher speed for more efficient oxygen transfer
  • Higher and wider splash pattern
  • Smaller droplets, more surface area for better oxygen transfer
  • 50% plus more water displacement for same power consumption
  • Less power consumption for the same O2 output or same power consumption for more O2 output
  • Adjustable impeller with patented parabolic design
  • Synthetic aluminium magnesium motor which dissipates heat 30% quicker than cast-iron motors, thus longer life and more efficient
  • Motor is much lighter, thus easier lifting and cartage of paddlewheel
  • Longer life of gearbox due to 3 teeth engaged between worm and wheel drive as opposed to the conventional 2 teeth in other paddlewheels
  • Floats and motor cover are made from HDPE – longer life and more durable

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