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Pentair PRF-RO

The PENTAIR PRF-RO, the replacement to the Merlin RO or alternative to the Modular PRO system, has been designed to meet the requirements for smaller, more robust RO systems without any reduction in performance.

Membranes, cartridge and all componentry locate into a manifold making the PRF-RO a compact size, with just three simple push-fitting connections colour-coded for absolute simplicity.

The PRF-RO incorporates two high flow membrane elements in series to produce an average of 4900 litres per day (PRF-750-RO) of purified water, protected by a carbon impregnated Fibredyne pre-filter delivering a chlorine reduction capacity of 38,000 litres. With the concentrate from one element being channelled through the second, waste water is reduced by approximately 75% compared to conventional systems.

For flexibility where water supplies do not contain chlorine, a sediment pre-filter may be used to protect the membrane solely from sediment particles.

The system can be supplied with the TLC-350 membrane as standard or the recommended upgrade to the PRF-750-RO membrane for increased water production and quality.