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Aquafilter 10" Bacteria and UV Resistant Filter Housing

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Aquafilter FHPR1-3_R-AB is a 10-inch antibacterial, main filter for cleaning cold water from mechanical and organic contaminants. Resistant to UV radiation. Consists of a green bulb and cover with air valve and brass thread for 1" connection. It has two O-rings under the lid. It is installed on a pipeline with cold water, at the point of entry of the pipe into the apartment or house, to protect all equipment from contamination. Can be mounted on metal, plastic and polypropylene pipes.

*The Aquafilter FHPR1-3_R-AB enclosure can be completed with any 10" AB Series cartridges.
*The Aquafilter FHPR1-3_R-AB enclosure is UV-resistant and based on Nanosilver BACINIX technology.

  • Equipment
  • Specifications
  • filter housing; cover with brass thread; air valve; bracket; key for opening the bulb; packaging.

  • Manufacturer: Aquafilter (Poland)
    Purpose: cold water
    Material: Plastic
    Filter size: 300 x 105mm
    Maximum pressure: 6 bar
    Connection: 1" brass
    Operating temperature: 2 - 45 °С