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Aquafilter 10" Filter Housing with Drain Valve

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£13.99 - £16.99
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Aquafilter FHPR12-3V_R is a threaded housing that consists of a transparent bulb and a blue cover with an air valve and a 1/2" brass thread. For the tightness of the housing there are two O-rings. The pipe housing is mounted on a water pipe with cold water at the entrance to the house or directly in front of the household device.

*Mechanical housing Aquafilter FHPR1-3V_R can be mounted alone or in a series connection of several pieces.

*Aquafilter FHPR12-3V_R - has NSF certification and a factory impression indicating that the part was manufactured in the European Union.

  • Specification
  • Manufacturer: Aquafilter (Poland)
    Case Material: Plastic
    Purpose: cold water
    Body Type: Self-Washing
    Washing type: manual
    Size (height/diameter): 330 x 105 mm
    Filter size: Slim Line 10"
    Connection diameter: 1/2" brass
    Maximum pressure: 6 bar
    Operating Temperature: 2 - 45°C