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A UV Lamp is the heart of the UV treatment system. The lamp needs to operate correctly to ensure the water in your home is safe. 

Unlike regular light bulbs, UV Lamps do not burn out – they solarize. This means that over time they reduce in their light wave intensity to about 60% of what a new UV lamp provides. This point is reached usually after one year, or 9000 hours, of continuous use. 

  • Philips TUV 30W G30T8.
  • Power – 30 watts.
  • Length – 908 mm.
  • Cap – G13.
  • Life – 9000 hours.
  • Used in Private Water Supplies and Pond UV Filters
  • User with Liff P30N UV System

Manufacturers references:

Philips - TUV30 TUV 30w

Sylvania - Germicidal G30W

GE - Germicidal G30T8

Osram - HNS 30w

Note: Germicidal lamps must not be viewed by the human eye and should only be used in enclosed fixtures.