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Aquafilter 5" Water Filter Housing

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Aquafilter FHPR5-12-WB - 5" - main filter for cold water purification, which is designed for use in places with a small water analysis - apartment, cottage, office. Aquafilter FHPR5-12-WB consists of: a bulb in which a replaceable filter cartridge is placed, a lid to which a lower flask with a cartridge and a pressure nut is attached, and a rubber O-ring is used between the filter cover and the flask for sealing. For better pressing of parts between themselves, a special key is used.

*Due to the transparency of the case, you can easily assess the degree of contamination of the cartridge.

  • Specifications
  • Country of origin: Aquafilter (Poland)
    Case Material: Plastic
    Purpose: cold water
    Cartridge dimensions: 12.5 x 6.5 cm
    Filter size: Slim Line 5"
    Connection diameter: 1/2" brass
    Maximum pressure: 6 bar
    Operating Temperature: 2 - 45°C
    Case material - SAN
    Cover material - PP
    O-ring - EPDM
    Warranty: 1 year.