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Airsep Topaz Ultra PSA Oyxgen Generator

by AirSep
Original price £4,292.99 - Original price £4,916.99
Original price
£4,292.99 - £4,916.99
Current price £4,292.99

Specifically designed for reliability, energy efficiency, and ease-of-use, there are thousands of Topaz PSA Oxygen Generators currently in use throughout the world. The Topaz’s ability to deliver up to 95.5% oxygen concentration make it a great fit for a wide range of commercial applications.

  • Features
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Self-contained (includes air compressor)
    Heavy duty metal enclosure
    Wall or rack-mount design
    Advanced Engineering
    Ozone/high temperature process tubing
    Quick release fittings for ease of maintenance
    Optional oxygen concentration monitor
    Typical Applications
    Thermal/Chemical Oxidation
    Glass Work/Blowing Environmental
    Ozone (Generator) Feed Gas
    Environmental Remediation
    Waste/Water Treatment
    Fish Farming / Aquaculture

  • AirSep Topaz Oxygen Generator Data Sheet