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Aquafilter 3 Stage Water Filtration System

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The Aquafilter 3 stage water filtration system is a great solution for anyone wanting a basic but effective way of filtering their water. The 5 or 6 stage reverse osmosis systems can be overkill for some people that just water to filter out any sediments and improve the taste and smell of their water, that’s where this system is perfect. One of the main reasons this system is so popular is due to only having 3 filters. This makes maintenance costs much lower than the more complex 5 or 6 stage systems. Filters will last, depending on the water, around 3-6 months. Replacement filter sets are available from us and replacing the filters is very easy and straight forward. This system is also simple to install and due to its compact size, makes it perfect for under-counter installation.

Depending on the quality of the water, this system can be freely configured with the use of sediment, specialty and carbon filter cartridges.
  • Description
  • Replacement Filters
  • Stage 1 and 2 – Sediment filters
    These remove sediment impurities such as sand, rush and suspensions of not less than 5 micron.

    Stage 3 – Carbon filter
    The last stage removes chlorine, some pesticides and organic substances while also improving the water taste and odour.

  • If you would like to replace the filters with the original filters that come with the system, details of them are below:

    Stage 1: FCPS20 (20 micron sediment filter)
    Stage 2: FCPS5 (5 micron sediment filter)
    Stage 3: FCCBL (Carbon filter)

    We also have a wide range of other filters that you can try out in the system.