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Aquafilter AICRO-4-QM in-line cartridge with coconut shell granulated activated carbon and KDF media

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2,5" x 12" in-line cartridge with NSF approved coconut shell activated carbon and KDF® media. Removes chlorine, organic substances and certain pesticides. Improves the taste and aroma of filtered water. KDF® reduces the concentration of iron and heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic) and exhibits bacteriostatic properties protecting activated carbon from microbiological growth. Available with 1/4" QM (QUICK CONNECTION MALE) connector. It can be installed in RO systems, "SIDE-BY-SIDE" type refrigerators and direct flow systems.

  • Specification
  • Available sizes: 2,5" x 12"
    Working temperature: 2°C – 45°C
    Longevity: 6 – 12 months (depending on feed water quality).