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Aquafilter EXCITO-CL 5 stage alkaline water filtering system

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5 stage alkaline water filtration system made in Europe of NSF certified components. This filter’s design was formulated in consideration of those who seek a healthier lifestyle. Crystal clear, alkaline and ionized water is a perfect antioxidant, which helps to scavenge free radicals, responsible for faster aging and have a great influence on tumour/cancer development. Apart from alkalization and ionization EXCITO-CL system removes various contaminants from water such as: sediments (sand, silt, rust), chlorine, organic substances, reduces water hardness and heavy metals concentration.
  • Filtration Stages
  • Features
  • Reccomendations for Use
  • Technical Specification
  • Stage 1 : AIPRO-1M-CL removes sediments such as sand, silt, rust, suspended solids down to 1 micron.
    Stage 2 : AISTRO-L-CL reduces water hardness
    Stage 3 : FCCBL-S-CL Carbon Block Cartridge with Extruded activated carbon which removes chlorine, pesticides, organic matter as well as improves the taste and smell of water
    Stage 4 : AIFIR-200 Alkaline & ORP Cartridge 3 in one which adjusts increase in pH, reduces ORP down to -200 mV and is also an effective free-radical scavenger.
    Stage 5 : AICRO-AB Coconut shell activated carbon cartridge with Antibacterial/Antimicrobial protection. Final improvement of taste of water.

    Utilization of BACinix™ nanosilver technology extends the longevity of the cartridges.

    Set includes: EXCITO-CL system, AIPRO-1M-CL, AISTRO-L-CL, FCCBL-S-CL, AIFIR-200, AICRO-AB cartridges, FXFCH17-C faucet, feed water connector 1/2″, tubing, instruction and color box.

  • – High quality
    – Competitive pricing
    – Made in EU
    – Fast product delivery
    – Reduces ORP, increasing pH
    – Effective free-radical scavenger
    – Increases longevity of the cartridge, preventing from microbiological growth
    – Innovative BACINIX? nanosilver technology
    – Compact, undercounter, compartmentalized size convienent for all installations
    – Manufactured with FDA CFR-21 compliant materials
    – “See True” transparent five stage filtration system
    – Innovative nanosilver technology
    – Can be used as a peracidity remedy
    – Improves taste of water
    – Systems equipped with modern faucet and all installation accessories
    – 100% Factory Pressure Tested and Sterilized, Ready for Installation

  • Drinking up to 2 liters of alkalized and ionized water daily improves concentration. Alkaline water is absorbed faster and intensifies metabolic processes and speeds up toxin removal.
    Immersion of meat or fish in alkaline water for 30 minutes helps to eliminate the traces of blood and removes unpleasant fishy odor.
    Immersion of fruits and vegetables in alkaline water for 30 minutes removes the pesticides without the loss of precious minerals

  • Dimensions (H x W x L): 438 mm x 100 mm x 360 mm
    Connection adapter: 1/2″
    Working Temp.: 2°C – 45°C (36°F – 113°F)
    Flow rate: 2,8 l/min. (0.74 gpm)
    Max. Working Pressure: 6 bar (90 PSI)