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Aquafilter FCCBKDF Granular Activated carbon with KDF Media

The FCCBKDF cartridges (FCCBKDF5, FCCBKDF-STO, FCCBKDF, FCCBKDF-L, FCCBKDF10BB  and FCBKDF20BB) suitable for POU (Point of Use) and POE (Points of Entry) installations. Through an accurate combination of granular activated carbon (GAC) with KDF® media, FCCBKDF series improves the bad taste and odor of your drinking water by reducing the concentration of chlorine, organic compounds (VOC’s) and heavy metals (e.g. lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury). KDF® media also inhibits bacterial growth, lengthening the service life of the cartridge, enhancing the continuous supply of fresh and clean drinking water.