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Spectrum AquaRO 50 Reverse Osmosis (50GPD)

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£69.99 - £565.99
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The AquaRO50 is an essential, complete reverse osmosis system to protect and purify water for use in aquariums.

Box quantity: 12pk

Designed to produce a continuous supply of high quality water, the AquaRO50 is the perfect system for tank top-up applications.

Eliminates chlorine and organics

Excessive amounts of chlorine can be toxic to fish. Each system includes a granular activated carbon inline filter which removes both chlorine and organics.

Removes heavy metals

A Thin-Film RO membrane is included with each system that rejects up to 97.5% of dissolved salts – which includes heavy metals such as cadmium, zinc and mercury which can be detrimental to aquatic life.

Significantly reduces nitrates

Nitrates can prevent growth and reproduction in fish and high levels can be fatal.

Removes suspended solids

Particulate in water can clog the gills of fish and if consumed cause illness.