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Axeon 3" 1812 TF Series Reverse Osmosis Element

by Axeon
Market demand for increased flow rates from membrane elements combined with the requirement for compact design of RO systems used in light commercial applications, has encouraged AXEON to develop and launch their new 500gpd light commercial membrane element.

The membrane element utilizes AXEON’s propriety HF5 technology. When this media is used with high quality durable materials of the brine seal, O-rings, tape wrap and increased size and resistance of the permeate tube, AXEON provide the optimal solution for durability, consistent performance and long service life.

HF5 technology allows the membrane to quickly reach stable conditions for salt rejection ensuring optimum performance as soon as it is needed and reduced waste from startup flushing. High ow and excellent rejection rates are produced at low energy levels due to the large quantity of membrane media used. This is particularly important when operating at lower temperatures where consistently high flow rates are required, the extra membrane media overcomes issues of low flow at low temperatures and pressures.

Benefits and Features

• 98% Nominal Salt Rejection
• Improved System Performance
• Superior Quality
• Individually Tested
• 1-Year Limited Warranty
• Made in the U.S.A.