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Biobunn Hatching Mat (set of 2)

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Hatching substrate for eggs.

The Biobunn hatching substrate is delivered in sets of two mats, precut to fit into our hatching boxes (40×40 cm).
  • Overview
  • Advantages
  • The eggs are dispersed evenly upon the upper plastic sheet. At hatching the yolk sack fry will swim though the perforations in the plastic sheet and look for protection in the hatching substrate underneath. The substrate gives the fry the necessary support to prevent yolk sack deformation. Better utilisation of the yolk gives better starting weight.

    The substrate is also suitable as fry shelter in start feeding tanks. It is a well known problem when you transport fry from the hatching box to the start feeding tank that the fry shows a tendency to tighten the outlet bottom sieve. By placing one of the Bio-Mats with the spikes towards the bottom of the thank, all the fry will take shelter underneath and the problem is solved.

    Each mat has a capacity of approximately 10,000 fry (salmon).

  • The use of hatching substrate has proved to give the following advantages:
    – Less stress
    – Increased growth
    – Prevents yolk sack deformation
    – Higher starting weight (20-30 %) gives easier start feeding, better survival and more vigorous smolt.