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Biostream BP140 (14″) Fish Pump

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The BP120 & BP140 are hydraulically driven fish pumps allowing the versatility for operating in a wide range of applications from indoor RAS to boat decks. They make handling fish a simple and economical option for all types of fish species.

The BP120 & BP140 are 12” & 14” versions of the classic BioStream pump line up. As with all BioStream pumps, they allow for a broad operating range that makes it ideal for bathing, delousing, transferring, grading and harvesting fish..

  • Design Features
  • Economics
  • Advantages
  • In 1979 the Aqua-Life Fish Pump was the first pump designed specifically for the movement of live aquatic species without external or internal damage to the species. Hydraulically driven and constructed of marine alloy aluminum, Aqua-Life Fish Pumps are very light weight making them easily moved and installed for any setup.

  • Economic studies show that the Aqua-Life Fish Pump can dramatically reduce operating costs and improve the quality of harvested product. Many of our customers report their investment in the Aqua-Life Fish Pump was paid back in the first harvest season.

  • Aqua-Life Fish Pumps offer several distinct design advantages:
    Unique Submersible and Non-Submersible application design. Higher vertical head capabilities. ( Up to 9 meters ) Pumping and transferring live aquatic species over long distances. Installed as a permanent Centralized transfer and harvesting system. Increased harvesting capacities. ( 2 to 3 times more fish per hour ) Less damage and stress to the product. Easier setups and more possibilities.