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For your everyday drinking water needs

Specifically designed and developed with you in mind, the AQA drink Pure Slim Under the Sink Drinking Water Systems offer premium filtered water tailored to your everyday drinking water needs. An unforgettable and refreshing experience, the Under the Sink Drinking Water Systems protect against limescale whilst BWT’s Water Filter Cartridges enrich your water with the essential mineral, Magnesium.

At BWT, we offer products of the highest standard, with excellent first-class style and quality. Indulge in one of our Under the Sink Drinking Water Systems for that perfect Magnesium Mineralized taste.

AQA drink Pure Slim 3 Trio

BWT’s Pure Slim Drinking Water Filtration system is a compact under the sink solution that delivers Magnesium Mineralized Water whenever you need it. The advanced triple system removes the chemicals that often impair taste, micro plastics, limescale and bacteria, before adding magnesium into the filtered water. A complete drinking water system, it is supplied with a modern filter head and three specialist filters, an attractive drinking water tap and an easy to use installation kit. The filter cartridges can easily be replaced and are long lasting.


  • Magnesium Mineralized Water whenever you need it
  • Removes 99.99% of unwanted Micro-plastics, bacteria and viruses
  • Best quality water for drinking and cooking
  • Protects kitchen appliances from the effects of limescale
  • Easy and simple cartridge replacement
  • Additional drinking water tap supplied
  • Environmentally friendly – say no to single use plastic