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CompHatch ® hatching system is a complete hatchery with greater capacity, better control and easier handling during the hatching process than traditional systems. The hatching system has eight levels, consisting of two hatching sections in each level and has a capacity of 360,000 eggs and fry.
  • Benefits
  • Overview
  • 50 % Lower energy consumption
    60 % Less cleaning
    85 % Less area

  • Area efficient Traditional systems have limited capacity, take up a lot of space and are often heavy to handle. By using CompHatch ®, the space saved is formidable.

    Energy efficient CompHatch ® has much lower water consumption than hatching chutes and combined vessels allowing for a reduced energy consumption. The water replacement is higher and the water is distributed evenly thus securing the supply of oxygen to all parts of the substrate. In addition, the accumulation of waste products is prevented.

    The system is designed so that roe and hatched fry will have optimal conditions regarding to current conditions and water quality. The system is fitted with a separate water supply with a rotameter for adjustment of the desired oxygen rich water quantity to each section. The system is supplied as standard with EasyHatch hatching substrate for good support and prevention of yolk sack abstriction.