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Main advantages

  •  Tasty water due to coconut shell carbon in the post-filter.
  • Easy installation due to pressed fittings.
  • Body housing made of clean European food grade plastic.
  • Each post-filter passes leak test.
  • Suitable for reverse osmosis filters from other manufacturers.


 The main thing about the cartridge

  • Ecosoft carbon post filter is designed for final water purification.
  • It is installed as a final stage in home reverse osmosis filters.
  • Contains high-quality activated carbon from coconut shell, corrects the taste and smell of purified water, giving it an exquisite sweetish flavor.


What changes will occur after buying a cartridge?

  • With timely replacement of the carbon post filter, the water after the reverse osmosis filter will not only be safe, but also tasty.
  • No unpleasant smell and taste in purified water.
  • Purified water will get an exquisite sweet taste.