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Add taste and comfort to your life with P`URE Balance

Artboard 6_s.jpg Innovative product that combines natural processes with Ecosoft's cutting edge technology
Artboard 4_s.jpg AquaSpring technology makes water fresh, tasty and healthy thanks to natural calcium and magnesium minerals
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AquaGreen technology is economical and environmentally-friendly


✓saves up to 20 000 L of water per year*
✓ longer filter capacity* — only 2 replacements per year

* in comparison with classic reverse osmosis filters for home

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Reverse osmosis technology ensures the water is safe even for kids

Artboard 8_s.jpg Pure and refreshing water right in your kitchen has never been easier


Benefits of reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis technology allows for removal of 99.8% of pollution from water. This is the most advanced way to purify drinking water available for home use.

280 l/day Dow Filmtec™ reverse osmosis membrane is the core part of the filter. It purifies water at the molecular level, retaining all varieties of pollution, including bacteria and viruses.

The reverse osmosis membrane is a semi-permeable polymer fabric. Its pores are 200 times smaller than the size of viruses, therefore membrane cleaning guarantees complete biological protection. The water purified in such a way does not need to be boiled. It is completely safe for people of any age, including small children.

Who are its users?

Ecosoft P’URE Balance reverse osmosis filter is designed to purify drinking water to ideal quality in homes with up to 5 people.

Stages of filtration

1. Sediment PP 5-micron filter removes large silt, sand, rust

2. GAC coconut shell carbon filter removes chlorine and organochlorine compounds

3. Filter with AquaGreen technology protects membrane element

4. DOW Filmtec RO membrane element purifies water removing 99.8% of contaminants, including viruses and bacteria

5. AquaSpring filter enriches pure water with calcium and magnesium

6. Coconut shell carbon post-filter improves the taste and smell of the purified water

Improvements are obvious!

Your home will have a source of clean and fresh water, in quality and safety which you are absolutely sure
Vegetables cooked in water of absolute quality will retain all the necessary nutrients for your body 

Tea and coffee will have better taste and aroma

With the built-in mineral-filter you will get essential minerals for your body.

Water will not need to be boiled before drinking –thanks to reverse osmosis technology, drinking water will become not only tasty, but also absolutely safe

Your home appliances - kettle, iron, steamer, humidifier - will be protected from scale and associated breakdowns