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FCCA-STO - two-stage carbon-mechanical insert

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Two-stage cartridge designed for filters with a single degree of water treatment. It consists of two parts: sedimentation, eliminating mechanical impurities from the water (sand, sludge, etc.) and coal (activated carbon removes chlorine and organic impurities).

Used in 10 inch standard filters (also in filters with 9 7/8 inch and 9 3/4 inch height). Standard used in Aquafilter FHCTF and FHCTF-1 filters .

Pre-filtration on a layer of polypropylene foam removes solid, undissolved impurities contained in the water. Final filtration on granulated activated carbon, removes organic impurities from the water, improves the taste, smell and color of the water, and reduces the amount of chlorine.

Aquafilter FCCA-STO can also be used in classic under-sink filters of the FP2 (Duo) and FP3 (Classic) series and in filter housings installed on cold water installations. Standard dimensions allow the use of the refill in third-party products.

Bituminous activated carbon has a high adsorption capacity (binding of impurities on the outer surface). This feature is used in eliminating chlorine from tap water and organic pollutants from water coming from its own well. The improvement of water oxidation has a positive effect on the color, taste and smell of water. Activated carbon deposits clarify water, giving it a characteristic, good taste.