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FIAP Aqua Active Power Pond Pump

Original price £268.99 - Original price £433.99
Original price
£268.99 - £433.99
Current price £268.99
Powerful feed and flow pumps.
FIAP Aqua Active Power is an avant-garde and efficient filtration and flow pump. FIAP Active Power pumps are able to suck in dirt particles up to 10 mm in size through the pump basket without any difficulty. Its high-performance asynchronous motor impresses with high capacity. This filtration pump is suitable for garden ponds and pond filtration systems as well as ideal for use in gravity filter systems. The Aqua Active Power pump series features high effectivity and low energy consumption.
  • Powerful feed and flow pump
  • High capacity at low energy consumption
  • Ideal for gravity filter systems
  • Designed for continuous running
  • Flexibly applicable
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Cable length approx. 10 meters
  • 3-year warranty

This pump comes with a 2-pin EURO plug.