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FIAP Auger Feeders

Original price £454.99 - Original price £599.99
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£454.99 - £599.99
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The FIAP Auger Feeders are used throughout the world in commercial aquaculture facilities. They are very well-built, durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Designed for highly accurate dispensing of feed, they feature a rheostat that can be set for both speed and duration. FA-1584-1 includes a spreader plate with a rheostat adjustment for distance (to 8') and weighs 8 lbs. FA-1584 weighs 5 lbs. Screw feeders are 12V and draw approximately .5 A. A power supply and time controller are needed but not included.

The FIAP Auger Feeders require the proficontrol controller and applicable length connection cables. Each controller can operate up to 4 FIAP feeders.