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FIAP Diffuser Rack

Original price £291.99 - Original price £515.99
Original price
£291.99 - £515.99
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Professional, extremely robust, and most effective oxygen emitter.
FIAP profiO₂ diffusers are professional, extremely robust, and most effective oxygen emitters for being used in live fish transporting as well as in fish cultivation and fish farms. Due to its ease-of-use, FIAP profiO₂ diffuser is also most suitable for quick emergency supply. The perforated pores (approx. 1000 per meter) of unique, obstruction-proof FIAP profiO₂ hose will expand at a system pressure of at least approx. 0.15 bar. Straight mounted FIAP profiO₂ hoses in a stainless steel frame ensure the even bubble distribution featured by FIAP profiO₂ diffuser. The diffusers are available in 16 different sizes. Its robust and rugged hose connection is made by means of one 6mm hose connector and union nuts, which will completely be included with the scope of delivery.
Tube Connection: 6mm
Minimum operating pressure: 0.15bar