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Fine Pore Air Diffusers

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Original price
£21.60 - £40.80
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These air diffusers are manufactured using the sintering process at approx. 1,200 ° C and, in addition to the extremely fine pore structure, have a significantly higher level of strength and durability than so-called pressed parts. The small grain size and the uniformity of the raw materials (in this case sand and Al2O3) play an important role in the quality of the later air outlets.

Spherical and cylindrical vents minimize the risk of large bubbles forming on the underside and therefore offer an advantage over cubic and rectangular vents. In addition, the distance to any arbitrary point on the surface is ideally the same, so that, due to the same pressure conditions, the entire surface is uniformly traversed.
  • Uses
  • Spec
  • Ventilation tasks and basic oxygen supply in:
    - Fresh and sea water
    - Fish / storage tanks and aquariums with low stocking density
    - Biofilters, sedimentation and clarification tanks
    - Live fish transport
    - Garden ponds

  • Specs:


    50 x 50 x 300mm



    50 x 50 x 200mm



    50 x 50 x 150mm


    K7 (Disc)

    27 x 27 x 200mm