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Suez Hytrex Filter Cartridge 9 7/8" (40pk)

by Suez
£182.00 excl. VAT

The SUEZ Hytrex II, like the Purtrex, is another example of an excellent WRAS approved depth filter. Where thermally-welded blown micro-fibres of polypropylene create a strong, secure cartridge combining efficiency, long-life and purity resulting in a highperformance filter range for heavy-duty and critical applications.

Manufactured from FDA approved pure-polypropylene, the Hytrex II uses no resin binders, lubricants, antistatic or release agents or other additives in its manufacture to create a cartridge that meets NSF Standard 42, trapping particles throughout its entire depth.

The Hytrex II offers clear advantages over Purtrex in certain applications. As an indicator of Hytrex II ionic cleanliness, rinsing to 18 megohm is achieved in less than 12 minutes, approximately half the time of a Purtrex cartridge (NB - standard wound and resin-bonded cartridges cannot reach this standard).

Thanks to its extensive range of possible end-cap configurations, the spunbonded Hytrex II delivers a practical and flexible filtration solution. Hytrex II also has obvious benefits with its individual cartridge packaging, being clearly labelled and each element being embossed with its code, thereby reducing the risk of any installation error.