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GX Suez Hytrex II Filter

by Suez
Original price £242.99 - Original price £1,130.99
Original price
£242.99 - £1,130.99
Current price £242.99
Where long life, high purity and low change-outs are required, the Purtrex range meets the requirements of most non-critical applications or as an economic pre-filter.
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  • The patented construction of this pure polypropylene, surfactant-free depth filter ensures low pressure drops, with exceptional dirt holding capabilities in standard as well as large diameter options, making it the next generation replacement product to wound and wrongly specified resin-bonded cartridges.

    Containing no anti-static wetting agents, solvents or binders the Purtrex’s one-step manufacturing process continuously extrudes and thermally bonds pure polypropylene microfibers into a complex filter matrix. Micro-filaments plus precise fibre control maximizes the positive filtration characteristics of the graded density, tight cut-offs and maximum void areas with millions of tortuous paths.

  • Filtration Media: Polypropylene
    End caps and Adapters: Polypropylene

  • Maximum Differential Pressure:35psi (2.4bar) at =100°F (38°C)
    Maximum Temperature: 160°F (71°C) at =15psid (1.0bar)
    Recommended Maximum Water Flow: 5 gpm (19L/min) per 10-inch length