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Oxyguard pH / Redox Probe

Original price £484.40 - Original price £687.60
Original price
£484.40 - £687.60
Current price £484.40
These OxyGuard probes consist of an electrode and an impedance converter inside a twopart housing held together by a threaded collar. There is extra sealing so that the connections at the top of the electrode remain dry even when the probe is completely submersed. The impedance converter immediately over the electrode eliminates electrical noise problems and permits the use of ordinary cable to connect the probe. Either light duty or heavy duty OxyGuard pH or redox electrodes with flange fittings can be used.
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  • There are three basic designs, one for free mounting, one with a 3/4″ tee for flow-through use, the third designed to be screwed into a pipe, flange or other suitable fixture. The probes can be ordered with a 1″ thread at the top of the top part for mounting purposes. OxyGuard also manufacture probes to customer specification, so please ask if you cannot use a standard design. As standard the probes have 7m cables.

  • K01 OxyGuard Static pH / Redox Probe