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Lowara e-SVH 1SVH15F007T/2 Hydrovar Variable Speed Vertical Multistage Pump 240v

by Lowara
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For all pumping needs in commercial or residential building and in industry applications, the demand for intelligent pumping systems is constantly growing. Controlled systems offer many advantages: reduced operating costs for the lifetime of the pump, lower environmental impact, longer lifetime of piping systems and networks.

For this reason, Lowara has developed the SVH: an intelligent pumping system which assures high level performance with energy consumption tailored to the systems demand.


SVH transforms the e-SV pumps into variable speed intelligent pumping systems. Thanks to the HYDROVAR, the speed of each pump varies so as to maintain a constant flow, a constant pressure, or a differential pressure. In doing so, at any point in time, the pump only receives the energy required. This in turns allows for considerable savings, especially for systems that have varying loads throughout the day.

Easy installation and space-saving:

SVH saves time and space during installation. The Hydrovar is delivered already mounted on the motor (for models up to 22kW). The hydrovar is kept cool by the motor fan and does not require a control panel. In order to function, only fuses on the supply line are needed (Check your local electrical installation regulations). A wall-mounted HYDROVAR version is available for higher power outputs (up to 45 kW).

  • No need for additional pressure sensors: The SVH is fitted with a pressure transmitter or differential pressure transmitters, depending on the application (normally the pressure transducers are fitted on the flanges).
  • No need for special pumps or motors.
  • SVH is already pre-wired.
  • No need for IN LINE filters. Hydrovar already includes the THDi filter embedded as standard.
  • No need for bypass or safety systems: The SVH will immediately switch off when demand drops to zero or when it exceeds maximum pump capacity; thus making installation of additional safety devices unnecessary.
  • Anti-condensation device: The HYDROVAR is fitted with anti-condensation devices which switch on when the pump is in standby in order to prevent condensation forming in the unit
SKU 1SVH15F007T/2
Manufacturer Lowara
Manufacturers Warranty 2 Years
Weight 29.5 Kg
Dimensions 250 (W) x 961 (H) mm
Connection Type 1 Inch Flanged
Motor Size (kW/W) 0.75kW
Voltage 240V 1Ph 50Hz
RPM 2900
Max Flow 40 l/min
Max Head 90.9m
Transducer Pressure 10 Bar
Material Stainless Steel
Seal Type Silicon Carbide / Carbon / EPDM
Impeller Material Stainless Steel / AISI 304