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Oxyguard Handheld Meter Yearly Service

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£118.80 - £118.80
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At Sterner we have a team of fully trained engineers on hand to service, repair and calibrate your handheld oxygen meters to ensure they're working accurately year round.

The service starts with a thorough inspection of the instrument to pickup on any faults there might be with the unit. This includes checking both temperature and oxygen reading against a calibrated reference unit to ensure accuracy. If there are no faults, the unit will then be renovated, calibrated and a calibration certificate will be produced.

If there are faults with the meter and it needs parts, you will receive a quotation for repairing it before any work is carried out.

Overview of service:

  • Initial inspection
  • Renovation
  • Calibration (incl certificate)
  • Return shipping (UK Only)

Applicable meters:

  • Oxyguard Handy Polaris
  • Oxyguard Handy Polaris 2
  • Oxyguard Handy Polaris C

Once purchased, we will contact you to arrange the service

If you would like more information on handheld servicing/repairs please email