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OxyGuard Handy Salinity Meter

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The Handy Salinity is a hand-held instrument specially designed for aquaculture use. Factory calibration and automatic temperature compensation make it very easy to use. The display shows the salinity directly. Temperature is also measured and shown in the display.

The instrument incorporates automatic check functions to ensure reliability. The probe is designed to be as trouble-free as possible, with features specially suited for aquaculture use. Inductive technology is used so that you don’t have to worry about deposits on the surface of the probe – all you have to do is ensure that the hole in the probe is open and relatively clean
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  • OxyGuard Handy Salinity is an easy-to-use, trouble-free way of measuring the salinity of water used in aquaculture and similar. It measures according to the internationally agreed PSS-78 scale (Practical Salinity Scale 78).
    It has automatic temperature compensation and is factory calibrated, so you just turn it on and measure. The display shows salinity between 0 and 50 ppt with an accuracy of +/- 1 ppt. The repeatability is typically +/- 0.5% of the measured value. The user can select whether or not a decimal is shown.
    The probe uses an inductive sensor so that inaccuracies due to surface deposits are avoided. User maintenance consists of wiping the probe dry after use and cleaning the hole as needed. A message in the display indicates when the battery needs changing. Menu functions let the user select the display language, temperature units and display backlight intensity.
    Handy Salinity can be ordered with practically any cable length - 3 m is standard.

  • H09 OxyGuard Handy Salinity Meter