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OxyGuard Pond Master for Dissolved Oxygen

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£706.80 - £1,095.40
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A unique instrument for for aquaculture facilities and individual ponds
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  • Pond Master is specifically designed for monitoring and control of oxygen levels in aquaculture facilities such as shrimp farms, carp farms, and other installations with individual ponds.

    This unique instrument incorporates advanced technology with an attractive, compact design resulting in a combination of user-friendly operation, accuracy, low maintenance needs and affordability.

  • Dimensions = Diameter 58 mm, length 59 mm, cable length is 7 metres standard.
    Weight = 450 grams including the cable.
    Principle = Galvanic cell, self polarising, self temperature compensating.
    Output = 2.5 to 5 millivolts per mg/l. Output impendence approximately 1 kilo Ohm.
    Operating conditions = 0 to 40 C, 0-2 bar. 

  • B08 OxyGuard Pond Master for Aquaculture