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Paddlewheel Aerator 0.49 - 3 Phase 400V

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Numerous aerator comparison tests prove that paddle wheel aerators have the highest oxygen input per kWh. The easy-to-understand reason for this is that paddle wheel aerators create a directional flow and distribute the enriched water in the water. The re-aeration of just aerated pond water, as is inevitable with some other types of aerators, is excluded. PWA bucket wheel aerators are used tens of thousands of times in fish farms and shrimp farms worldwide. In Europe, these devices are mostly used in fish farms and larger bodies of water (lakes, ponds).

  • Advantages
  • Description
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  • - effective oxygen enrichment (O2)
    - degassing (CO2) with high fish stocking
    - current generation and distribution of enriched water in the water
    - excellent price/performance ratio
    - maintenance and repair (if necessary) on site
    - very long service life (10 years in continuous operation and longer have been reported)

  • Due to the intensive flow generation, these devices are only conditionally suitable for small or medium-sized ponds. Even for the smallest devices with 0.49 kW (P2), the water should not be smaller than 500 m². If bodies of water are too small or too shallow, there is a risk of embankment flushing and mud whirling. The devices are only conditionally suitable for winter. The delivery takes place as a kit with assembly instructions. Please note that devices with three-phase motors must be put into operation by a specialist. It is strongly recommended to operate the device exclusively in conjunction with an appropriate motor protection. Please note that if the device is operated without a motor circuit breaker, the warranty for the motor expires.

  • PWA bucket wheel aerator delivery as a kit with assembly instructions, without cables, without motor protection plug
    Number of paddle wheels: 2 Rated engine power P2: 0.49 kW
    Power consumption P1: 0.61 kW/1.3
    Electrical. Connection: 400V/3-ph.
    Dimensions, approx.: 1600 x 1200 x 870 mm
    Weight , approx.: 80 kg