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Pentair WS-10 Water Softening Cartridge

by Pentair

Resin & MediaThis Pentek WS-10 water softening filter cartridge reduces hardness minerals and scale deposits in low flow rate residential and commercial applications. It is made of sodium-based, non-solvent rinsed ion-exchange softening resin that meets Food and Drug Administration standards, and there are polypropylene pre- and post-filters to reduce the possibility of water bypassing the resin. The cartridge has a capacity of 750 grains, a recommended flow rate of 1.9 litres per minute (lpm), and a maximum operating temperature of 100 degrees F (37.8 degrees C). This water softening filter cartridge is used for treatment of residential and commercial water.


Capacity (WS-10)
750 grains

Capacity (WS-20)
1,500 grains

Capacity (WS-20BB)
4,500 grains

Recommended flow rate
1.90 lpm / 2.80lpm / 8.5lpm

Maximum temperature
100 degrees F (37.8 degrees C)

Box Quantities

10" - 6pcs
20" - 6pcs
20" Big Blue - 4pcs