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Point Four Wedge Lock Micro Bubble Diffusers

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WEDGE-LOCK™ uses an ultra fine pore ceramic producing a high Absorption Efficiency (AE) allowing you to increase yield while controlling the cost of expensive gases
  • Overview
  • The Point Four WEDGE-LOCK is a modular system of microbubble diffusers and end sets that fit together to form a bank of up to eight units. Oxygenation capacity can be increased (or decreased) as your needs demand by simply changing the number of diffusers used for greater flexibility and minimal downtime.

    Designed for total ease of use, WEDGE-LOCK™ modules ‘Twist and Lock’ together to form an air-tight seal without the use of tools. Hose with push-in fittings connects the diffuser banks to the gas supply, significantly reducing set-up time and effort.

    Manufactured from tough plastic, WEDGE-LOCK™ will not corrode and is resistant to the Sun’s ultraviolet rays. The diffuser’s streamlined wedge shape improves stability in tanks with high water flow and offers less resistance in self-cleaning tank systems.