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RSB6 Air Diffuser for Aquaculture

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  • Rigid diffuser, allowing units to be positioned horizontally to create aeration curtain
  • Self weighted, keeping the unit in place
  • Bio-Weave technology, Utilising the popular and extremely reliable aeration diffusers
  • Bespoke sling for lifting
  • Stainless Steel fitting through and Hosetails
  • Heat Shrink End Caps

The RSB6 diffuser has been specifically designed to introduce air into farm cages located in open water. It has been built to deliver optimum performance and withstand the harsh conditions of sea water with minimum maintenance.  The RSB6 is constructed of a strong, woven polyester fibre material with an operating range of 1.2 – 3.6 cfm and comes complete with 3/8” stainless steel hose tail, making it extremely durable.

The bespoke self-weighted and rigid design of the RSB6 allows for optimum use of aeration in the cage. Compared to previous methods of aeration the RSB6 is extremely efficient producing
fine bubbles, which creates a curtain effect when the unit is installed horizontally.  The deployment and removal of the RSB6 diffusers is straightforward with a bespoke, non-corrosive, fish friendly RSB lifting sling.


The RSB arrangement has a 3/8” hose-tail at one end and a 3/8” cap at the opposite end. The air supply hose can be either a 3/8” braided urethane hose or a very heavy duty sinking hose. The hose is secured to the hose tail by a screw clip.  The male threaded fittings, end cap, female ring and tail 3/8” hose fittings in the diffusers are manufactured from stainless steel and are supplied with the diffusers as standard.  The diffusers are manufactured from a very heavy-duty polyester fabric tube and a nylon distributor hose runs down the centre of the tube, between the nylon hose and polyester tube there is a spherical glass bead ballast. The diffuser is banded using 316l stainless steel compressed on to the nylon inner tube, making the diffusers virtually indestructible.
The diffusers can be used in seawater or freshwater, in soft water and water with a hardness and alkalinity over 2000mg/l and with regular maintenance will provide service for many years.