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SCW Spectrum 870 Carbon Wrap Block

Original price £8.99 - Original price £281.99
Original price
£8.99 - £281.99
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Developed as the direct replacement to the Pentair C1, the SPECTRUM SCW is adept at removing high levels of sediment and contaminants. Employing traditional carbon wrap technology to reduce odours, remove chlorine, water pigmentation and other volatile organic compounds, the SCW combines the advantages of a high-dirt loading depth cartridge and adsorption capabilities of granular activated carbon; an ideal combination to treat drinking water.
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  • Ideally suited to drinking water and pre-reverse osmosis applications
    Dual purpose filter which removes sediment, chlorine, taste and odour

  • 5" - 30pcs
    9 3/4" - 15pcs
    20" - 15pcs
    9 3/4" Large Diameter - 4pcs
    20" Large Diameter - 4pcs

  • SPECTRUM 870 Carbon Wrap Technical Data Sheet