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Spectrum 8" Membranes

Original price £745.99 - Original price £902.99
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£745.99 - £902.99
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Boasting all the same advances as the 4″ elements, Including extended shelf life, dramatically reduced rinse-up time, higher flow rate at lower energy consumption and a neutral surface charge media for reduced fouling, hence longer life.

Also, importantly for 8″ systems, the batch testing controls of the media and finished product with serial coding are quality assurances to ensure a consistent product is delivered every time. All elements are supplied with interconnectors.

SPECTRUM’s offering of commercial and industrial RO membranes has two ranges:

ERO (High Production, Lower Pressure)

With an average rejection rate of 99% the ERO range of membranes has been designed to deliver higher permeate flowrates in lower pressure applications. Whilst designed to operate at 10.3bar, the ERO range can deliver exceptional performance at pressure as low as 6.9bar, perfectly suited to tap water applications with a feed water concentration typically of 500mg/l or less.

SRO (High Rejection) 

For applications that demand higher permeate quality, the SRO range has been manufactured to deliver consistent permeate quality from higher concentration feed water sources up to 10,000mg/l. Operating at 15.5bar and with an average rejection rate of 99.5%, the SRO range is perfectly suited to industrial processes such as boiler feed and microelectronics.

Key Product Features
  • Multi-layered polyamide thin-film composite membrane, spiral wound with feed channel spacer and collection material around a perforated collection tube.
  • Fouling resistant coating added to membrane flatsheet to create a more neutral surface charge.
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