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Spectrum PPG Premier Pleat Glass Fibre 9 3/4"

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Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts as well as other parasites and micro-organisms are removed effectively using the SPECTRUM PPG Glass Fibre media cartridge. This meets the requirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 53, the absolute micron rated cartridges performed outstandingly when this protocol was applied.


Cryptosporidium ranges in size from approximately 1 to 5 micron, making the PPG 0.45 or 1 micron cartridges the right choice for applications in the food and beverage industries where Cryptosporidium, cysts or yeast cells need removing.

Manufactured using high purity Borosilicate Glass Fibre media with support layers for strength and rigidity ensures the pleat pack is clean and durable. The inherent hydrophilic nature of the media combined with the optimised surface area means high flows at very low-pressure drops are achieved.

The large surface area of the pleat pack is protected by an industrial strength polypropylene cage and core, with thermally welded polypropylene end-caps to ensure there is no leaching of undesirables into the filtrate stream.

FDA compliant and WRAS approval combined with NSF/ANSI test results make this cartridge the superior choice for Cryptosporidium parasite, cysts and yeast cell removal. Cleanliness is assured from the vacuum packed inner plastic wrap, which is then further protected by tough outer heat sealed plastic packaging. Each cartridge is individually labelled and boxed which prevents confusion during installation of multiple cartridges.

Key Product Features
  • 99.99% efficient cartridge media for Cryptosporidium parasite, Giardia cysts and yeast cell removal
  • Pre and post-filtration support layers of media for extra protection and high dirt holding capability to extend the cartridge service life
  • Large surface area and hydrophilic media for high flow, low pressure drop
Technical Data

SPECTRUM Premier Pleat Glass Fibre Technical Data Sheet 

SPECTRUM PPG-0.45-10EGS tested to NSF Standard 53 with 1µ microspheres

SPECTRUM PPG-0.45-10EGS tested to NSF Standard 53 with 3µ microspheres  

 SPECTRUM PPG-1-10EGS tested to NSF Standard 53 with 3µ microspheres