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With an innovative and robust design, the SPECTRUM range of reverse osmosis systems offers a modular system that is fl exible for future growth and application requirements.

The SPECTRUM range of reverse osmosis systems are state of the art, versatile units, designed for purifying a wide variety of water sources ranging from mains tap water to borehole water supplies. With fl ow rates up to 30,000 litres (30m³) per day, this range is capable of producing large volumes of purified water with minimal energy consumption, low maintenance and operation costs.

Key product features
• Space saving design for low footprint, ease of access for routine maintenance, servicing and monitoring
• Supplied ‘off the shelf’, 100% integrity tested, CE compliant ready-to-use with full instructions and maintenance procedures
• Powder coated aluminium frame for corrosion resistance in industrial environments
• System upgrades available for process ‘future proofi ng’ on some models
• The SPECTRUM RO systems are shipped with dry membranes for indefinite shelf life

Average Permeate Flow Rates

SRO-SYS-2.6: 158 LPH @ 25°C, 95 LPH @10°C
SRO-SYS-5.2: 315 LPH @ 25°C, 189 LPH @10°C
SRO-SYS-10: 630 LPH @ 25°C, 378 LPH @10°C
SRO-SYS-16: 945 LPH @ 25°C, 567 LPH @10°C
SRO-SYS-21: 1260 LPH @ 25°C, 756 LPH @10°C