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PSP SPECTRUM Premier Spun Bonded TruDepth Filter

Original price £4.99 - Original price £199.99
Original price
£4.99 - £199.99
Current price £4.99
With higher efficiency and a longer service life than both the Economic and Standard spun, the PSP is the most versatile and adept cartridge in the TruDepth range. The deep grooved construction significantly increases the surface area, maximising the dirt holding capacity of the cartridge whilst the integral support core increases pressure and temperature operating conditions. Available with a range of end-caps for added seal security and operator ease for fitting in multi-round housings.
  • Key Product Features
  • Box Quantities
  • Deep-grooved for highest surface area and lowest pressure drop
    End-cap options for secure sealing
    A 4mm thick polypropylene core increases strength and temperature performance
    Typically used for food and beverage, chemical manufacture and incoming water

  • 9 7/8" - 15pcs
    20" - 15pcs
    30" - 15pcs
    40" - 15pcs
    9 3/4" x 4.5" - 4pcs
    20" x 4.5" - 4pc