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Spectrum PSP Premier Filter Cartridge 10"


SPECTRUM TruDepth Premier – Premier TruDepth Premier filters are the ideal choice for viscous and high temperature applications. Manufactured with a polypropylene core and dense, rigid matrix of polypropylene fibres, this range is engineered to deliver a strong, self-supporting structure and grooved surface for higher surface area

TruDepth Premier spun cartridges from SPECTRUM are one of 4 cartridges available in the TruDepth range, alongside the Economic, Standard and High Efficiency cartridges. Each a different grade to match the wide variety of liquid applications where a broad range of particles are to be removed.

Each grade is manufactured from only FDA compliant polypropylene with no binders, resins or glues ensuring no leeching into the liquid stream. All cartridges in the TruDepth range use melt-blown technology to form their 3D micropore matrices with different fine fibres used to create a strong structure with coarser filtration on the surface and finer filtration on the inner. This gradual reduction in size allows the cartridges to be used where a wide band of pollutant sizes exist. Contaminants such as particles, dirt, debris and rust are removed by the TruDepth range to provide efficient filtration and excellent service life.

The variants in construction are reflected in each of the range’s performance. The finer fibres and deep grooves used in the Premier range for instance offer benefits in maximising the filtration surface area which increases the flow rate and lowers the pressure drop across the cartridge as well as maximising the dirt-holding capability and extending the service life. The Premier range also benefits from offering end-cap and seal options.

Choosing the cartridge grade that is fit for the purpose is dependent upon the individual application requirements of temperature, pressure, band of particle size to be removed, requirements of housing to accept specific end-caps, approvals, sizes, lengths and micron ratings.


Box Quantity: 15pcs