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Nuclear grade mixed-bed DI resins are used for the production of ultra-pure water, ensuring that the water treated is of the highest purity possible.

Manufactured from strong-base type 1 anion and strong-base acid cation mix, the NRW3240 (formerly NRW37) resin ensures that the water processed is of highest quality 18.3 megohm resistivity, or 0.055 microSiemens/cm conductivity.

The high-resistivity water produced by NRW3240 is suitable for many high-end applications and industries, which include: ultra-pure water production, radiation wastewater treatment, manufacture and purification of pharmaceutical products, semiconductors and condensate polishing. This nuclear-grade resin is processed under the most exacting specifications, being specially purified with high percent conversions to their regenerated form and closely controlled particle sizes.

All of Purolite’s nuclear grade products have over 95% whole perfect beads, which creates a product with low differential pressure drops, increased stability that is less likely to breakdown, delivering consistent product performance.