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Spectrum Heavy Metal Removal Resin Cartridge

£40.00 excl. VAT

The Ion-X series of cartridges is the most cost effective, point-of-use treatment, specifically desiagned to target and remove nitrates. The process removes the harmful nitrates by exchanging them for harmless chloride ions as they pass through the resin cartridge.

The SRHM is a high purity, high capacity, weak acid, cation exchange resin developed for the treatment of potable water.

The SRHM has excellent selectivity for heavy metals and the uptake of alkaline earth metals in a relatively short contact time. Removal capabilities also extend to toxic metals, making the resin suitable for the treatment of certain wastewater applications. This resin is not designed for regeneration.

Box Quantities

10" - 9pcs
20" - 9pcs
10" Big Blue - 4pcs
20" Big Blue - 4pcs