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Spectrum SSP Standard Filter Cartridge 40"


TruDepth Standard spun cartridges from SPECTRUM are one of 4 cartridges available in the TruDepth range, alongside the Economic, Premier and High Efficiency cartridges. Each a different grade to match the wide variety of liquid applications where a broad range of particles are to be removed.

The SPECTRUM TruDepth spun-bonded polypropylene filter is a durable single-use cartridge offering the best all-round protection in terms of functionality and cost.

Specifically designed and manufactured for resistance to a wide range of chemical solutions, TruDepth Standard is constructed from polypropylene containing no antistatic agents, solvents or binders to deliver broad compatibility and batch traceability with no additives to contaminate the filtrate.

Its single-use design means it can be easily disposed of – incinerating to trace ash while releasing no hazardous by-products. Constructed from a strong, self-supporting structure using FDA approved materials, TruDepth will not deform under pressure or contaminate the filtrate by unloading particles, additives or migrate media into the stream.

These features, coupled with a state-of-the art construction, delivers consistency from filter to filter resulting in a true-graded density cartridge which incurs no surface blinding, achieves high-flow rates and low-pressure drops, making the TruDepth from SPECTRUM the ideal all-round pre-filter.

Box Quantity: 15pcs