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The FHPRA3 washingmachine filter. Are filled with polyphosphate, antiscale
and anti-lime media.  Polyphosphate prevents scale by reacting with dissolved hardness minerals (e.g. calcium carbonate and calcium bicarbonate) and transforming them into harmless, microscopic crystals of calcium orthophosphate. These crystals stay suspended in water and will not create scale build-up in heating elements, pipes, water heaters, boilers, etc.

Moreover polyphosphate helps to deal with iron and all the problems which it causes. Polyphosphates do not remove iron from water. Rather they stabilize
and disperse the iron so that the water remains clear and does not produce iron stains. The FHPRA series filter cartridges require very little maintenance, no backwashing and no salt.  Cartridges include pre- and post-filters preventing
media particles from being washed out. FHPRA is designed for use with cold tap water. This filter should be installed between water supply valve
and washing machine using connection adapter 3/4 "male x 3/4" FIP.

NOTE! Filter should not be used for drinking water filtration!