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The Aquada 4 UV System is suitable everywhere that drinking water is taken from its own sources or where the quality from the public networks is no longer sufficient for your own needs. Moreover, it is used in residential treatment plants for waste water disinfection, in process water circulations, aquarium or private swimming pools, ventilation and air-conditioning, fountains and water attractions.

The AQUADA works by the centrally arranged, low-pressure lamp in the high-grade steel chamber is ensuring the correct wavelength of UV light require for the disinfection. The cladding sleeve out of the quartz glass also ensures that only UV light of the effective wavelength for disinfection acts on the water.

Aquada 4 UV System can be integrated into existing pipeline systems without a great deal of effort. The clear construction and simple handling mean that even laymen can get started with this environmentally friendly water disinfection technology. The UV lamps used can be operated for at least one year and can be easily exchanged. The lamps and quartz sleeves can be assembled/disassembled without the use of tools.

A frequently asked question and something most customers ask us is, how much energy it takes to run one of these systems. The answer is simple, for your entire process and drinking water it does not use any more energy than a standard bulb (35-85 Watts). Measured on efficiency, illuminates are not even competition. The efficiency (desired light yield in relation to energy expenditure) of the low-pressure emitters used is nearly three times higher at 35% than with modern energy-saving lamps (12-15% efficiency).

There are three AQUADA types to choose between. Each of these systems is available in five different sizes, meaning we can meet every individual requirement- private or commercial/industrial. There is the inexpensive Altima model, the specially equipped Proxima model, or the Maxima model which is equipped for all eventualities. We can always offer you an AQUADA model which is adapted to your entirely personal and individual needs.