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YSI ProDSS Total Algae PE Sensor

by YSI
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The ProDSS Total Algae-Phycoerythrin (TAL-PE) sensor….and a channel for the accessory pigment phycoerythrin that is commonly found in saltwater blue-green algae. It is used for early detection of blue-green algae that can lead to harmful algal blooms, and the chlorophyll channel is relevant for all types of problematic algae, including red tide and brown tide algae.

  • Overview
  • Specs
  • When used with the ProDSS system, the TAL sensor is ideal for applications like beach monitoring, vertical or horizontal profiling, and source water monitoring for potentially toxic algae.

    Sensors feature welded titanium construction and military-specification connectors that can handle rugged field conditions. All smart sensors have onboard memory and processing, and sensor-rezeroing can be performed on-site as an alternative to in-laboratory calibration.



    Linearity: r2 = 0.999 for Rhodamine WT across full range

    Depth Rating 100 m
    Equipment used with ProDSS
    Measurement Range

    0 to 100 RFU or 0 to 280 µg/L PE

    Operating Temperature 5 to 50°C

    0.01 RFU or 0.01 µg/L PE

    Storage Temperature -20 to 80°C

    2 years